We talk about healthcare a lot here at Fatfully, and for good reason. It’s difficult to find a doctor who listens to you when you are overweight. I have been on a healthcare journey my whole life, only to find half-answers and more questions. If you struggle with any symptoms, diseases, or health issues, you probably dread getting labs done.

When you’re overweight, veins are deeper and harder to stick. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve had phlebotomists give up on even trying to get the blood because it’s just too hard. Enter Elizabeth Holmes and her awesome company, Theranos.

Theranos is changing the way that we draw blood, test for abnormalities, and diagnose diseases. Theranos has developed a lab system that allows all lab tests to be completed on just drops of blood obtained through a finger-stick. So instead of having some young lab tech repeatedly shove a huge needle all over your arms and hands, you can have one tiny stick on your figure, just like a glucose test currently uses. The best part is that this one test tube of almost no blood can be used for multiple tests.

Elizabeth Holmes is a truly inspirational woman. I just watched her Ted talk today, and I am so impressed with what she is doing. She also just happens to be the youngest self-made female billionaire in the United States. No big deal or anything. Listening to her speak, you can tell that she is passionate about making healthcare accessible to all people. And if you check out the cost of Theranos’s lab tests, you will see that she isn’t just talking through her teeth. Many of the tests are less than $5. Compare that to the hundreds of dollars I’ve already dropped on labs this year, and you will see that Holmes and Theranos really are changing the game.

Holmes has imagined a world where we can all have access to true indicators of our health before it’s too late. And as a plus size woman, I’m glad to see someone in the healthcare field who isn’t afraid to say that “it drives me crazy when people talk about the scale as an indicator of health, because your weight doesn’t tell you what’s going on at a biochemical level.” (This quote originally appeared in an interview with Elizabeth Holmes at wired.com)

Theranos labs are not everywhere yet, but they have partnered with Walgreens to bring them close to everyone. Holmes’ goal is to have a Theranos lab within 5 miles of all people in the United States, and 1 mile in the city. You can sign up to find out when Theranos launches in your area here.