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Fatfully Blog | Fat Blog About Plus Size Life
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Exercise Inferiority in Fat Women

Can I tell you a secret? More than a week ago, I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. I was thinking about how beautiful it has been outside lately, and then I had a totally crazy idea. What if I went running? Now, I profess to be a pretty confident plus size woman, but the second I had that thought, I threw it down deep inside of myself. What would the neighbors think? I hate running. Clearly, I wouldn’t even be able to do it. Right? And so, I curled this wad of exercise inferiority deep inside my being and managed to fall asleep. The next day, I mentioned it to my husband. “What if I tried to run a 5k?” I said nonchalantly. I waited with baited breath. Surely he would think I was crazy. I mean, HE could run a 5k… but me? Not a chance. He would see right through this. He didn’t even look up from his book. “Cool. You wanna start today?” I backpedaled in my mind as fast as I could. What would the neighbors think? I hate running. Clearly, I wouldn’t even be able to do it. Right? Well, then, why even try? “It was just an idea,” I explained. “I don’t think I really want to do it.” So I gave up on myself for fear of what other people would think. I really didn’t want to write about this today, because I don’t want to admit that I still struggle with my body. I don’t want to admit that the idea of exercising where someone – anyone – can see...

Curvy in College | Being Fat on Campus

“You don’t want the freshman 15 do you?” “You pay to use the gym in your tuition, so why don’t you use it?” “Are you sure you want to eat Burger King when you can just get Jamba Juice?”   If you have heard any or all of these phrases before, then you understand how stressful it can be to be fat in college. Not only are you reminded of your weight by the subtle comments made by others, but you look around and see that fat is a rarity in college. You see athletes who are incredibly fit. You see students who live in the gym. You see girls who can wear leggings and yoga pants and look good. You never see fat students. Being fat in college is not entirely our fault. It’s hard to lose weight when you drink as much as everyone else, eat at the on-campus eateries, and get cravings when you stress out about passing all of your classes. In short, it’s hard to lose weight and enjoy college like everyone else does. Your weight shouldn’t stop you from experiencing college. It shouldn’t be a barrier to fun. It’s a shame that we talk about weight in college as a negative, such as the freshman 15. College should be a time of experiences and fun that is not allocated to the physically fit only, but to everyone and should be a time to learn to love your body the way it is. Plus, the most important part of college is getting an education, not losing weight. <— Click to Tweet So yes, maybe...

My Fat-Shaming Pediatrician

I have seen at least 10 doctors and specialists during my 47 years. Of those, only 2 did not jump to conclusions about my weight and treat me like a second-class citizen. But of all the fat-shaming experiences I have ever had, none was so detrimental as my childhood hospitalization. My pediatrician (we’ll call him Dr. Smith) was obsessed with my size. My ear infections, heart murmur, and asthma were all just side notes to my weight. He was a portly man himself who smoked a pipe during my visits. Between puffs, he exclaimed how many pounds I had gained since my last visit, accusing my mom of making me fat. Charges of sugary snacks, soda, and potato chips spewed from his tobacco stained lips. No matter how many times Mom explained that I didn’t eat junk food (because we couldn’t afford it), he didn’t believe her.   By the time I was 10 years old, Mom had placed me on numerous diets. Each one resulted in a small weight loss followed by more weight gain. And eventually, Dr. Smith decided my mom’s efforts weren’t cutting it. And so I was hospitalized for 5 weeks on a 700 calorie diet. Food was served to me three times a day, and I usually didn’t eat the breakfast because I was a very picky eater. After four days, I had not lost any weight, so a very large nutritionist came to talk to me and my parents. My mom gave her details about my daily food consumption, and soon the woman was smirking and accusing me of buying junk food and...

Best Plus Size Swimsuits | Fatkinis, Swimdresses, Tankinis, & One-Pieces

It’s swimsuit season again, and I have been spending way too much time looking at plus size swimsuits online. I figured I’d save you some hassle and share the best plus size swimsuits I’ve found in my search. Whether you are looking for a bikini (fatkinis are so in this year!), a swimdress (flirty & fun), a tankini (modern &practical) or a one piece (classic beauty), there is sure to be a plus size swimsuit in this list that will fit your needs. This post contains affiliate links. We receive a small percentage of any sales that take place once you click on these links. For more information, read our full disclosure here.  If you are anything like me, then you will probably be pretty frustrated that the majority of these images are not truly plus size women. Many of these swimsuits are available in multiple sizes and are only pictured on traditional models. The ones that are pictured on plus size models did not provide the plus size images for affiliate download. I am grateful that these companies provide high-quality plus size clothing, but wish that their modeling choices were representative of their clientele. That’s one of the reasons that we started this blog – so that we can show you what these clothes look like on real bodies.  Women’s Plus Size One-Piece Swimsuit Black/Blue-Ava & Viv (Target) Was: $39.99        Now: $31.99 Sizes 14W-26W (not available in stores) Women’s Plus Size Magisculpt Swimdress Black & White Polka Dot (Marisota) Price: $64.95 Sizes 8-28 Women’s Plus Size Magisculpt Convertible Swimdress in Blue (Marisota) Price: $79.95 Sizes 8-28 Lane Bryant Plus Size One...

Government Mandated Weight Loss | Trimming the Fat in the UK

The Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, (@David_Cameron) recently announced a new proposal that would impact people who are receiving government benefits for what he calls “treatable conditions”. One of the targeted conditions is obesity. In his plan anyone receiving government benefits for obesity would have to agree to follow a “government selected treatment plan” or jeopardize losing part or all of their benefits. He has appointed Professor Dame Carol Black to investigate this issue and offer suggestions on how to get people with these “treatable conditions” back to work. It will be her job to determine whether benefits will be cut or eliminated if claimants refuse the recommended treatment plan. Implications of Government Mandated Weight Loss Several concerning questions come to mind when thinking about what a “recommended treatment plan” would look like? Would it be diet, exercise, medication, and/or surgery? Would it be a universal or individualized plan? How would the effectiveness of the weight loss plan be judged? As a fat woman over the age of 45 I have had my share of medical professionals suggest weight loss methods to me. In each case I considered their suggestion, reviewed the pros and cons, and decided whether the risks of the treatment (often quite substantial) were acceptable to me. In some cases the risks were not even known at the time a treatment option was suggested, as was the case with the diet drug Redux which later caused severe heart issues in many patients. I wonder how I would feel if the government mandated that I take a drug in order to receive sickness benefits…drugs that...

3 Tips for Feeling Sexy Naked When You’re Fat

Sexy is a state of mind built on confidence. If you aren’t comfortable with your body alone, you will never feel comfortable being naked in front of your significant other. You turn off the lights, leave clothes on, and/or position blankets over your stomach. In turn, you deprive yourself of the sexy feeling of skin on skin. Well, it’s time to shake the clothes and embrace your naked body. You are beautiful. You are sexy. And trust me, your significant other thinks so too. Follow these 3 tips for feeling sexy naked, and you’ll be prancing around in your birthday suit in no time. 1. Look at yourself naked. Stop dressing with your back to the mirror. One of the main reasons we feel uncomfortable in our body is because we don’t even know what it looks like. We assume it must be ugly. We hide it from our own eyes, so why would we show anyone else? Take off all of your clothes and stand in front of a mirror. If you start saying anything negative in your mind, turn it around. This is a no negativity zone. Look at your body and find the things you like about it. Think of all the good things that your body makes possible. Now, move in front of the mirror. Watch how your body shifts (and yes, how it shakes). Think of how amazing it is that you are able to walk, to dance, to hold things, to have children, to make love. Your body is a beautiful temple that should be celebrated – not shrouded in shame. 2. Be...

My Mother Taught Me Fat Shame

I’ve struggled with my body image for as long as I can remember. I went through life for years without questioning why I felt like I shouldn’t take up so much space. Now that I’m older, I’ve wondered why I started to think something was wrong with me. When did I realize that fat was a bad word? As I delved into these questions I soon found a link that surprised me…my mother. My mother was a wonderful mom who only wanted the best for me. I do not blame her because I know she was just following the recommendation of my pediatrician who scolded her about my weight each time she took me for a visit. Each time, this led to a new diet plan which resulted in a small weight loss.   In frequent letters and phone calls with my grandmothers, Mom bragged about my older brothers’ achievements, which were many. Then she excitedly shared my latest weight loss results. Looking back now I realize just what message this sent to my young developing psyche…that it was all about my weight! My weight loss would always be my greatest achievement. <— Click to Tweet Of course, within a couple months I always gained the weight back (and more thanks to the negative metabolic effect of dieting). I hated myself for being fat. I hated myself for gaining the weight back. And I hated myself for, in my mind, disappointing my parents. As a child, I didn’t even realize what was happening – and neither did my mom. Instead, we spun through this cycle throughout my adolescence. And as my...

Elizabeth Holmes & Theranos Make Labs Accessible

We talk about healthcare a lot here at Fatfully, and for good reason. It’s difficult to find a doctor who listens to you when you are overweight. I have been on a healthcare journey my whole life, only to find half-answers and more questions. If you struggle with any symptoms, diseases, or health issues, you probably dread getting labs done. When you’re overweight, veins are deeper and harder to stick. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve had phlebotomists give up on even trying to get the blood because it’s just too hard. Enter Elizabeth Holmes and her awesome company, Theranos. Theranos is changing the way that we draw blood, test for abnormalities, and diagnose diseases. Theranos has developed a lab system that allows all lab tests to be completed on just drops of blood obtained through a finger-stick. So instead of having some young lab tech repeatedly shove a huge needle all over your arms and hands, you can have one tiny stick on your figure, just like a glucose test currently uses. The best part is that this one test tube of almost no blood can be used for multiple tests. Elizabeth Holmes is a truly inspirational woman. I just watched her Ted talk today, and I am so impressed with what she is doing. She also just happens to be the youngest self-made female billionaire in the United States. No big deal or anything. Listening to her speak, you can tell that she is passionate about making healthcare accessible to all people. And if you check out the cost of Theranos’s lab tests, you will see that...

Fat, the Other F-Word

Growing up, my parents taught me not to say bad words, and most of the words that were in that list were the usual suspects. In my teenage years, I strayed and cussed like a sailor – but as I’ve gotten older, I have realigned my language to the standards that they set. But this post isn’t about cussing or language or bad words. It’s about a very specific word that for years has plagued me. It’s about a word that has been a bad word to me for a very long time. I am talking about the other F-word – FAT. As a child, I was heavier than many of the other kids. The difference between my weight and the weight of my classmates fluctuated throughout my school years along with my activity level and eating habits. Strangely enough, it was usually depression that got me to move in either direction. My first breakup led to weight loss (though unhealthily and 100% based upon decreased self esteem) and my parents’ divorce led to weight gain (also unhealthily). Even when I was skinny (those brief few years in the middle of adolescence), I thought I was fat. This led me to an absolute aversion towards any mention of weight, size, fitness, or nutrition. When we went over nutrition in health class, I felt ugly. When I went swimsuit shopping or pants shopping, I felt fat. When I was in P.E., I felt weak. Once I got to college, I couldn’t bear the thought of going to the gym because I felt like the fattest person there – so I...

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