This is the first Dark Cottage photoshoot by Fatfully, and the theme is Plus Size Western Goth. Apparently, Pinterest is projecting the search term Western Goth to trend in the future, and since my goal is to help Dark Cottage increase their Pinterest following and reach, it seemed like a perfect fit. I’ve always been a bit of an outlaw country girl at heart, and I already had the black cowboy hat because I wear it all the time when I perform. (Check out my music!)

This plus size western goth outfit is styled around the Spellcaster Mini Dress / Tunic from Dark Cottage. This item was gifted, and I am being compensated for my work with Dark Cottage to help grow their brand. I genuinely love their products and ethos though and hope you’ll join me in helping them grow. Read the article about how their attitude towards plus size customers won me over and then give them a follow on Pinterest.

plus size western goth outfit pinnable image from featuring Spellcaster Mini Dress / Tunic from Dark Cottage.
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Dark Cottage Review

Now, before we get into too many pictures, I have to tell you about this Spellcaster Mini Dress / Tunic. It’s the first piece I’m featuring because it has already become one of my favorite things I own. It has the look of a corset with the comfort of literal pajamas. The stretchy material (mostly a very soft velvety material, but also some lace and a thinner silkier panel in the front) is so comfortable. The sleeves looked like they might get in the way a bit which is always my tradeoff with the beautiful billowy sleeves I love, but these are perfect. They are short enough you can move around without them getting in the way, and there is plenty of fabric for side coverage when you lift your arms. The fit was incredibly flattering, and the lace is genuinely adjustable so you can definitely tweak the fit to make it perfect though with the stretch it mostly just adapts naturally to your curves. This piece (and all the rest) feels so solidly constructed that I know it will hold up to the wear I intend to give it.

Plus Size Western Goth Outfit

Okay, now what did I wear with this comfy cottagecore tunic to style it into a plus size Western Goth outfit? My faux leather express leggings seemed like a no brainer for giving the outfit a harsher bite. I paired it all with my spiky chunk heeled boots and the black leather cowboy hat I got down in Gatlinburg when I first started singing professionally.

But this photoshoot wasn’t just about the clothes. I wanted to have the whole look. I braided my hair in double braids like Grandma used to wear, using the beautiful tie belt that came with the green Morrigan apron dress I’ll be featuring next. Then I did my makeup a little more intensely than usual to scare the children. Okay… not really, but I figured if I’m going for Western Goth, I’m gonna be the biggest baddest baddie around. “She’s bad, bad, Leila Brown” kinda vibes.

It seemed only right to add a few gold accents. I can never wear this metal feather necklace due to sensitive skin that only tolerates fine metals, but it seemed fitting to wear it as a sort of bolero to tie it all together. (A bolero to tie it all together… see what I did there?) I’ve never wished I had a metal belt more than I did when putting this outfit together.

I walked around the local golf course to find this awesome wagon wheel window.

Then I walked to my favorite tree for the bulk of the photoshoot. Actually, I should probably credit the mother tree as co-photographer on these as she did hold the camera for me. I found two different places where my phone would rest against her comfortably. The second one even had a branch running in front of the phone providing tension so I could play with the angles.

Here are some of my favorite photos featuring the Spellcaster Mini Dress / Tunic by Dark Cottage.

When my husband saw the pictures, he said I looked like a cowgirl but a little bit scary, so that means I got the Western Goth theme correct, right? lol

Stay tuned for more photoshoots in collaboration with Dark Cottage highlighting the things I love about their comfortable plus size dark cottagecore clothes.